Based on the strenuous link between research and education in research-intensive universities, the GTGLab also develops strong links to relevant teaching and training activities within the GSI and UNIGE with the goal of building robust academic and professional capacities.

The activities of the GTGL feed several training and education programs at the bachelor, master and PhD level at the Global Studies Institute.  The programmes offered by the GSI are very diverse, but they share a common concern for global challenges in an interconnected world.

At the Bachelor level, the GTGLab is closely involved in the global track of the Bachelor of International relations to offer an innovative integrated approach to international relations. The programme introduces students to systems thinking and interdisciplinary studies as set of theories and concept that can inform the study of both natural and social systems.

At the PhD Level, the Global Studies Institute also offers an interdisciplinary PhD school that is tailored to the kind of transformative research envisioned within the GTGLab. As the collaboration between disciplines has become an essential part of research, developing an active community of doctoral researchers reflecting on the challenges and obstacles associated with interdisciplinarity is paramount for fostering excellence in research. The GSI, which hosts the GTGLab, offers a PhD school constituted of three modules tailored to the need of doctoral students interested in studying globalization and global governance through critical, systems, and interdisciplinary approaches. These three modules aim to build capacity to conduct research at the interface between different disciplines.

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