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Adaptive governance in the Eurozone

Ms Flore Vanackère is doing her PhD on the mutation of the institutional and normative role and structure of the traditional EU institutions and the evolution of the EU-citizen’s political representation in a context characterized by growing globalization, complexification and [...]

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The regime complex on antimicrobial resistance

Dr Didier Wernli has an ongoing research project on the regime complex about antimicrobial resistance which involves understanding the main components of the governance systems (anatomy) in terms of institutions, norms and policies (including framing) within and across sectors. [...]

From global risks to systemic crises: building sustainable and resilient societies

As a follow-up of an academic workshop held in April 2019 at the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva on “The EU and the Crisis of the International Liberal Order: A Systemic Crisis?”, the main objective of this [...]

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