In 2016-2017, Dr Didier Wernli took part in a collaborative research project entitled “Living with Resistance”. The goal of this interdisciplinary project was to study the dilemmas that constrain society’s response to resistance evolution through a social ecological perspective. The pursuit was led by Peter Søgaard Jørgensen, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Scott Carroll, University of California, Davis. As a follow up of this project, Dr Wernli is now a principal investigator in an internationally funded project on the “Resilience and transformability to antimicrobial resistance in one health system” (2018-2021). In May 2018, Dr Anaïs Léger has joined the project as a postdoc.  As part of the first working package of the AMResilience project, the team is building a database of interventions on AMR which aims to provide a broad assessment of variables that are relevant to characterize interventions on AMR, not only regarding the biological components but also the multiple dimensions of the social system. Work on monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of global policies on AMR has given rise to collaboration with the World Health Organization.

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Associated publications

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Members of the GTGLab working on this project

  • Dr Didier Wernli
  • Dr Anaïs Léger