In order to foster links with other academic institutions and global stakeholders, the GTGLab offers a fellowship programme. Fellows of the GTGLab are people that contribute to the research and teaching agenda of the GTGLab. They benefit from an interdisciplinary and open environment as well as mentorship activities. Fellowship are generally granted for a one-year period and are renewable. They are non-paid position. Fellows are expected to

  • Participate to the joint activities of the GTGLab

  • Be involved in a research or teaching project of the GTG-Lab

  • Mention affiliation to the GTGLab in publications

  • Disseminate information about the GTGLab

Depending on the level of academic and professional advancement, the GTGLab offers three type of fellowship.

  • Early career fellow: Bachelor, master students and doctoral researcher

  • Advanced Fellow: Postdoc and/or relevant professional experience to mid-career

  • Senior fellow: Strong research track. Professorial or leadership position

  • Application

Applicant must contact the GTGLab:
Application must include: CV, motivation explaining how they plan to contribute to the GTGLab activities and project. Application with concrete contribution will be privileged.