The GTGLab organises a number of events including workshops and seminars based on innovative format.

  • Seminar

The GTGLab organises seminars with the aim of gathering scholars, researchers and all other relevant stakeholders (government agencies, civil society, think tanks, etc.) in order to share their respective understandings on the governance of one or more complex global challenges, to provide balanced analysis of current controversies, and to discuss cutting edge theories of transformative governance. Seminars lasts approximately 2 hours and revolves around a guest speaker and a previously circulated text (draft, article, book chapter, etc.) written by the guest speaker. To make the seminar more interactive, the written contribution by the guest speaker is critically appraised by one or two discussants.

  • Journal club

The GTGLab journal club, which takes place once every two weeks focuses on the critical appraisal of the relevant scientific literature on transformative governance which draw on an increasing number of approach and disciplinary perspectives as well as the literature related to the main research and teaching projects. Given the goals of this research group, the particularity of this journal club is to include articles from a variety of perspective and methods.

  • Labero

As creativity and new ideas often pop up in informal meetings, the Labero corresponds to informal meetings organized every two weeks to favour interactions between the members of the GTGLab.